Everything about betting on Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere is a multi-gaming gaming organization established in 2009 and is headquartered in Kyiv, Ukraine. On course to its formation esports was rapidly gaining popularity, and a lot of lucrative competitions were on the rise. Its full version was adopted after their fan base chose it in an event held specifically to find a suitable replacement.

The final form of the name was obtained following a fans' competition held by the organization to look for the team's name. Natus Vincere means "born to win" in Latin, which was the team's ultimate goal to become one of the best esports teams in the industry.

Everything about betting on Natus Vincere
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Na’Vi Esports players

The counter-strike division is made up of Ukrainians, S1mple (Kostyliev Oleksandr), and B1t (Vakhovskyi Valerii). The other 3 players, Perfecto (Zalutskiy Ilya), Boombl4 (Mikhailov Kirill), and Electronic (Sharipov Denis), are Russians.

V-Tune (Vorobey Alik), Noone (Minenko Volodymyr), and GeneRaL (Nigrini Viktor) are all Ukrainians on the Dota 2 roster. Korobkin, Ilya, also from Ukraine, and Solo (Berezin, Alexey) from Russia make up the five-man team.

In the past, Na'Vi had a League of Legends team, but the players split up. The team was disbanded. It was only until March 2021 that the entity came back to the League of Legends: Wild Rift scene. The new team is based in Europe and consists of five Chinese players, including Zheng Julien, alias Ghost, and Juzi (Zeng Shiying). The other members are Guansheng Xu, alias SkyFL, Simone Mu, known by her gaming name, Mumu, and Sipeng Hu, alias Garen.

CS: GO Division

The Counter-Strike team was the basis of the foundation for the team. Two years after the formation of CS, the FIFA team was formed. The online gaming scene was rapidly growing in popularity before its formation. The variety of championships with large prizes continued to rise. At the 2009 Intel Extreme Masters event, which was held in Dubai, Murat, full name Arbalet Zhumashevich, declared the creation of an esports group.

Arbalet, who had worked as a patron before, set out to form a professional team. He was supposed to be the primary sponsor. He was supposed to train the players and take care of the money, from salaries to flight payments. The aim was to join the league of the most popular esports teams in Europe.

They would be followed by StarCraft II teams and also a team in the League of Legends scene. The newly established teams, however, fell short of expectations and were disbanded as a result. One player, Yozhyk, was an exception, as he was regarded as being among the finest gamers at that time in FIFA games. Furthermore, he was valued for his ability to delight the fans, as witnessed by his winning over twenty-five trophies in various competitions.

The Global Offensive team was the first ever to emerge victorious in three big competitions. Among these events were the Intel Extreme Masters and the Electronic Sports World Cup. All three were won in a single calendar year, which is a record. The Dota 2 division would also win The 2011 International. That feat made them the most famous esport team at the time.

Rainbow Six Siege is a rising division in the team, as is PUBG. Other divisions that Na’Vi fields teams in include LoL: Wild Rift, World of Tanks, Paladins, Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Mobile Legends: Bang.


Navi made an acquisition of a PUBG team in 2018. All three players would later be dropped in favor of TheTab, real name Vitaly Karkeshkin, Besto, real name Andrey Ionov, and Ceh9, real name Arsenii Ivanychev. The Orange is Vladyslav Ostroushko, and the other three players are all Russians. These are the current team members.

The team entered into Rainbow Six Siege in early 2019 after it acquired the Mock-it Esports team from Germany. The current roster is made up of 3 Britons: Doki (Robertson Jack), Blurr (Murray Byron), and Nathan (Sharp Nathan). The other two are Saves (Kamieniak, Szymon) from Poland and Secretly (Olofsson, Rickard) from Sweden.

In mid-2021 the team made its entry in Valorant after it signed a top esports team division called No Pressure on. Their roster contains a majority of Russians. These players are Kirill Nehozhin, commonly known as Cloud, Denis Tkachev, known as Dinkzj, Duno, real name Mikhail Fokin, and Nikolaev Yaroslav alias Jady, who are all Russians. 7ssk7, the official name Artur Kurshin, from Belarus, is currently the only non-Russian.

Na'Vi’s strongest games

In the Counter-Strike discipline, NaVi has a long and illustrious history. The team's first major victory arrived in 2010 at the ESWC Ukraine. Thereafter, Markeloff and his team defeated SK Gaming in the ESWC Finals. With that, Natus Vincere earned the highest honor in Ukrainian eSports history. Following that, in 2010, the Ukrainian winners of DreamHack Winter and Intel Extreme Masters 5 This period can be considered the NaVi Counter-Strike most famous esport team. The team roster changed with the release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The formation of a Dota squad that included the best Ukrainian players was announced in October 2010. Navi's Dota section was launched in October 2010. Upon defeating the Chinese team EHOME in the finals, the team was invited to The International 2011, which they won. The Navi Dota2 eSport team is currently ranked as one of the best in the world. Dendi and Artstyle are still on the roster, and the team is led by Akbar "SoNNeikO" Butaev and Viktor "GeneRaL" Nigrini, both 19 years old, and Dmitry "Ditya Ra" Minenkov, who is 21 years old. Navi's Dota2 team is an example of what can happen once talent meets experience in a well-balanced group.

Although they had a team in League of Legends in 2012, Navi is relatively new to the competitive scene. The NaVi.LoL eSport team now has a large number of experienced players who will attempt to compete in Counter-Strike and Dota2 eSports. These newly signed players will try to bring the team to the highest gaming level possible.

Why Is Na'Vi Esports popular?

The team won 12 medals in their first year of existence and added a Dota lineup to their roster. Despite this, the following years were not particularly fruitful, with almost all of the existing players and teams being replaced or disbanded entirely. The CSGO roster has been the only (somewhat) persistent both in line-up and performance over the years. After winning the ESL One edition in 2018 and Copenhagen’s Blast Pro Series in the same year, the NAVI CSGO team is now considered one of the best esports teams in the world. They defeated Fnatic in the final game of the StarSeries and i-League CSGO Season 7 in 2019.

In 2010, NAVI won 12 medals, eight of which were gold, and drew a large crowd. Hltv.org recognized the players' achievements: Edward (5th place), Starix (4th place), and Markeloff were named the season's best players. Zeus, for his part, was named the best captain.

NAVI was regarded as one of the strongest teams at the end of the DotA All-Stars era, and as such, the invitation to The International was logical. The team stunned everyone in Cologne, easily overcoming the group stage. During the playoff brackets, they kept up their winning streak. They easily beat the tournament favorite, EHOME, in the final game of the tournament.

Such an unstoppable force has climbed atop an unstoppable force and is annihilating the competition. They were undeterred by a round-one loss to Team Liquid in the Blast Premier World Final. They regularly beat all who stood in their way after being sent to the loser's bracket and on the verge of elimination. This is how it worked: Na'Vi beat G2, Liquid, Vitality, and Gambit while they were in the lower bracket.

Winning teams and biggest moments of Na’Vi Esports

The year in which the team received the most awards was 2010. The team, among two other teams, received the highest seeding in the ESWC final. In the finals, it defeated SK Gaming, which had never been done before by a team from the Commonwealth of Independent States. This was the highest honor in Ukrainian e-sports history.

NaVi confirmed they would participate in two more events after winning the 2010 editions of the world championships: Arbalet Cup Dallas and GameGune. In the former tournament, it defeated Mousesports in the final. Pole position finish earned the European teams $25,000 in total. In the same year, they played mTw.dk, a Danish team, in the final of the World Cyber Games, where they were victorious. They, therefore, became the world’s first team to grasp all three of the world's most significant titles at the same time.

After creating a new line-up, Na'Vi struggled in the first half of 2013 to establish themselves in competitions. Their first major tournament victory came in April when they took first place in the inaugural season of the ESL Major Series One. At the Alienware Cup in the same year, Na'Vi faced off against nine of the finest Eastern sides. They made it to the finals, where they eventually won. They became one of the few Western teams to win a major Chinese tournament. They similarly made it to the final of the 2013 International, but they were unlucky, losing the final in the fifth round.

Where and how to bet on Na'Vi Esports

Na'Vi team odds on bet365, ArcaneBet, Rivalry, and Pinnacle are just a few of the best esports betting sites to look for Na'Vi team odds. Also, GGBet, Betathome, Vulkanbet, 1xBet, and Bethard are some of the sites to find events involving team Navi. These esports betting sites offer a wide variety of markets, but the player must always try to compare them and choose the most marketable option.

It is necessary to conduct additional research on the teams or players. Valuable information about the team's current form and key players can help you spot favorable betting possibilities. However, going into most tournaments, team Navi will have a significant advantage in head-to-head battles.

They are always clear favorites, especially when playing their best CSGO of all time. At the moment, they are the be-all and end-all of professional CSGO. They have won nine major tournaments recently, including the $1 million Intel Grand Slam Season 3. Without a doubt, they are indeed the best team in the world right now to wager on.

However, form is a big part of any match, and it's what makes or breaks matchups. Before placing the bets, one should therefore confirm that the informed players are involved in the intended matches. The information can be found on the team’s website or its social media pages.

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