In-Depth Guide to Esports Skin Betting: What You Need to Know

To understand what skins betting is, players first need to know what skins are. A skin is a piece of code within a video game, essentially designed to change the look of a video game character or avatar without adding to or detracting from their abilities. In order to change a character's clothes, hairstyle, or another aspect of their physical appearance, players can use skin files.

These players may be rewarded with skins when they complete a certain task or objective within a game. Or, they may purchase a skin using real money or in-game currency. Skin betting simply refers to using one of these skins as a stake. In other words, players wager with one another to win or lose these skin files.

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What is eSports skins betting and how to bet on it?

Skins are valued highly by many players. This is particularly true for rarer skins, which may be difficult for players to find or purchase in a game. It is this attribute that makes skins potentially useful for gambling.

To use skins in gambling, the player must find a third-party gambling provider. These providers generally host eSports contests, in which players can bet on the outcome of a game such a CS:GO or DOTA 2. Players who correctly predict the outcome of this contest receive the skins wagered by other gamblers. They also have all the skins they have wagered returned to them.

Turning wagered skins into money

When players win skins while betting on eSports games, these winnings are stored in the player's game account - or in another secure digital storage space.

To make money on these skins, players can choose to sell them. In most cases, transactions are handled via trading features within the game itself. Players can make money from skins betting in this way, but these digital assets are also at risk during wagering.

Safe esports betting sites

How can players tell that an eSports skin betting site is safe? Customers are advised to use the following checklist as they make sure.

  • Accreditations: The site should be accredited by regulatory bodies within the player's jurisdiction.
  • Contact and Support: The site should offer a transparent and easily accessible support line and be highly transparent and communicative.
  • Independent Reviews: The site should have been reviewed by other players in trustworthy locations - such as on third-party independent review sites. These reviews should be positive and provide useful insight into what the player can expect when they use the betting service.
  • Secure Protocols: The website should be protected by secure protocols that prevent any interception of customer data. Players should be able to see the HTTPS signifier in the browser to show that this is a secure site, and they should use multi-factor authentication to sign in.

Some reputable eSports betting providers

There are many well-reviewed, highly-rated eSports betting providers on the market. Players can find a list of just a few of these below, although customers are advised to seek out reviews and other information about providers before they play.

  • ThunderPick
  • Dafabet
  • Webbyslot
  • 888 Casino
  • 22Bet
  • BetSafe

CS:GO skin betting sites

CS:GO - or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - is perhaps the most popular game for players interested in skins betting. This is because skins play such an important role in this game - players use skins to give themselves an individual look that differentiates them from other players.

In this sense, a certain skin becomes a status symbol. Other players can see the skin that the player is wearing, and they will immediately recognize its high value.

The history of skin betting on CS:GO

It was the popularity of CS:GO skins that led to the development of this form of betting. Gambling providers noticed that players were getting very excited indeed about the different skins available to them in the game. This proved that there was a market for skins wagering.

Providers also noticed that skins were being bought and sold for large amounts of real money in digital marketplaces. This underlined the value that gamers were placing on this type of digital commodity and led to the development of more sophisticated skins betting platforms for CS:GO.

How skins betting works on CS:GO

Players will purchase skins from the CS:GO game itself. They can do this via the game's online marketplace, and the skins they purchase will be saved to their gaming account or to another storage solution. In some cases, players may save skins to their crypto wallet, and the Ethereum blockchain is particularly suited to this type of storage.

These digital assets represent the currency that players will use for their wagers. However, the wagering itself will not take place via the CS:GO game. This will happen on a third-party platform, which will integrate with the game. Here, players can bet on the outcome of CS:GO contests like the PGL CS:GO Major , and their skins will automatically be transferred to the user who made a winning bet via a secure connection.

Alternatives to eSports skin betting

Skin betting is not the best option for all gamblers. Some gamers may find it difficult to get started with skin gambling –players need to acquire skins before they can wager them, and this may be offputting.

Gamblers may also not like the idea of winning digital assets. In order to turn these assets into real money, players must sell them. This adds an extra level of complexity, as well as uncertainty, to the process.

There are alternatives to skin betting, however. Players who are interested in eSports may find that these alternatives offer a better option.

Betting on esports with real money

Esports is growing in popularity, and many gamblers place real money wagers on these contests just as they would on physical sporting competitions. This is a more straightforward method of gambling, as players can add and withdraw funds to and from their account with relative ease.

Real money betting is also more regulated than skin betting. This means the legal status of real money gambling is unlikely to change dramatically in the future.

Professional esports gaming

Players may choose to become eSports gaming professionals. This is a way to win money directly from eSports competitions themselves, without gambling at all. However, following this route requires an elite level of skill, experience and knowledge in eSports.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

Can I win real money with skins betting?

Yes, players can win real money with skins betting. This money is generally won indirectly - i.e., the player may win a skin and then sell this skin for real money. Players should bear in mind they can also lose money in this way.

Is skins betting legal?

Skins betting is legal in most jurisdictions, but this is usually because there are no specific laws preventing players from gambling with skins. This may change in the future, and players should be aware of the evolving legal status of this form of betting.

What games offer skins betting?

The most famous option for skins betting is CS:GO. However, there are other options open to players interested in gambling with skins. These include Dota 2, FIFA games, and Eve Online.

Is skins betting safe?

Yes, skins betting is safe, but players are advised to be responsible when they play. This is because skins have real-world, real-life values attached to them. While players may feel more comfortable wagering a piece of digital code like a game skin than they would be wagering real money, there is still something at stake. Remember that skins generally cost money to purchase before they can be wagered, so players still risk losing their investment when they bet with skins.