Your Esports Betting Odds Guide

Suppose you’re planning to start betting on your favorite eSports games, understanding how odds work will be a prerequisite to successful bets. It would be futile to wager on games without considering which has higher chances of winning. But sometimes, it may be impossible to determine which team has a higher likelihood of winning. This is where odds come in.

Bookmakers use odds to represent the likelihood of an event happening. Odds also help bettors determine the games with a higher probability of winning. When betters wager on teams that like to win, they can determine their potential winnings.

CSGO betting is quite popular these days. One major reason why csgo betting is so popular is that the game itself is very popular. CSGO also has a massive esports scene with insane hype and prize pools regularly exceeding half a million dollars. CS: GO competitions are some of the most exciting sporting events, and people love to bet on them.

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When we talk about first-person shooters, probably the first game that comes to mind is Call of Duty. A ton of people consider this esport game to be the pioneer for first-person shooters. COD is also one of the most popular games, with millions of gamers from around the world regularly playing Call of Duty. Tons more gamers are getting into Call of Duty as a new game gets released each year.

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Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in people that have started to get into betting for esports games like League of Legends. One of the major contributing factors to that was the closing down of regular sporting events because of Covid 19.

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Dota 2 is arguably the most popular esports game, with several million active players. Along with those active players, there are tons of other people that were regular Dota 2 players but now only watch esports events for Dota. People from both these communities are starting to get into esports betting because of how exciting it is.

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If you have been playing video games for a while now or if you are familiar with sports simulation video games, then you probably know what FIFA is. FIFA is arguably the most popular sports simulation game out there, with hundreds of thousands of players regularly playing the game.

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Valorant launched with one of the best marketing strategies anyone has ever seen. It was so successful that millions of players started playing the game even before it came out of the beta phase. Fast forward to today, the player base for Valorant is still strong. The game also has a massive esports scene, with huge events every year.

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If you have been playing FPS games all your life, you have probably not heard of this game. However, you'd be surprised to hear that Age of Empires is a super popular video game. Age of Empires also has its own esports scene, with esports events regularly taking place.

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The launch for Rainbos Six Siege was not that great, to say the least. However, the game has changed a lot since its launch. It has managed to gain tons of traction. It has now come to the point that there is a massive esports scene dedicated to R6.

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Everything you need to know about esports betting odds

But you don’t have to worry if you feel confused. This guide will help you understand how esports betting odds work to ensure you make an informed decision when betting.

With esports gaming becoming popular, gamblers must understand how to bet on different teams. However, successful betting would only be possible if they know some esports betting tips. One of the most critical tips is understanding how esports betting odds work.

Esports betting odds help betters determine the events that have a high probability of occurring. Here, you have two games with two possible events after playing. The thing is, one team will win while the other one will lose. While both teams can win the match, there’s one that has a higher chance of winning.

How are esports odds calculated?

Esports bookmakers use various factors like the history of the teams, form, characters available, among others, to calculate odds.

However, ensure you go through several esports bet tips to learn how to use odds to place successful bets. If possible, visit other esports betting sites to see the odds they have given to the teams you’re interested in wagering.

Line shopping will help you know what other bookies predict about a game, and you may use that information to place successful bets. You may also line shop to look for esports betting sites that will offer you the best payouts if you win. Let’s now find out how esports betting odds work.

Esports betting odds explained

How do eSports betting odds work?

When betting on esports games, looking at the odds may help with helpful information. Betting odds rely on probability to determine which team is likely to win.

If odds favor the outcome of a particular team, the team has a high probability of winning. On the other hand, if the odds don’t favor the outcome of a team, the team has a low probability of winning.

For instance, we can use numbers to determine the probability of a team winning. Let’s say you have two teams, A and B, where team A has 1/2 odds, and team B has 2/1 odds.

When betting, you’ll know that team A has a higher probability of winning than team B. Team A has a 66.7% probability of winning while team B has a 33.3% probability of winning. However, the amount you’ll win when you bet on a given team to win will be highly influenced by the odds.

Bookmakers take advantage of bettors who don’t take a keen interest in how odds help in determining the probability. Your favorite team could be the underdogs, so betting on them to win would be an advantage to bookies. The odds are, your team has a high chance of losing than winning. We’ll discuss further how to read and understand odds so you can bet wisely.

Types of eSports odds

When you join eSports betting sites, you’re likely to encounter odds displayed in different formats. The region and popularity of odds will determine these formats. For instance, most bookmakers will display their odds in three different formats. The three formats are:

  • Decimal odds
  • Fractional odds
  • American odds

Most bookies prefer using decimal odds because bettors find them easy to understand in most parts of the world. However, betting sites in the UK and the US don’t use decimal odds. If you’re from a different region and visit the US or UK, you’ll have to familiarize yourself with their betting odds to place bets.

Fraction odds make the oldest way of displaying odds. Fraction odds were used in horse racing gambling and remain popular in the UK and Ireland. When using fraction odds to bet in esports games, the two teams will have different fractions representing the probabilities of winning. You need to do your math well to know your favorite team and win if you wager on it.

The American odds exist in America, but you may sometimes find them used in Canada. You may find American odds perplexing, especially if you come from other regions. However, once you understand how they work, you may be surprised to realize they are the easiest to use.

Let’s now find out how to read and understand the three eSports betting formats. You’ll also learn to use odds to determine the favorite teams and the amount to win after betting.

How to read eSports betting odds

What are Decimal odds?

When using decimal odds to bet, you should multiply the amount you wager (stake) by the odds. Let’s say your favorite team A has odds displayed as 2.1. When you bet on team A to win with a $10 stake, your total payout will be $21.

You can calculate your winning probability by working out the percentage of both teams. You can arrive at the percentage by dividing one by the odds of a team them multiply with 100. For team A, the winning percentage is (12.1) x 100=47.6%.

Fraction odds

If your favorite team has 1/2 odds, and you place a bet with $10 for the team to win, your total payout will be (2÷1) x $10= $20. To find the winning percentage of your favorite team, you take the numerator and divide by the total of numerator and denominator and multiply the results by 100. For instance, your favorite team winning percentage is (1÷3) x 100=33.3%

How do American Odds work?

American odds come with positive or negative odd numbers. For instance, your team could be having odds of +200. That means if you bet with $100, you’ll get a payout of $200 once the team wins.

With unfavorable odds, the numbers displayed mean the amount you would stake to win $100. For example, if your team had odds of -200, the amount to stake will be $200 to win $100.

How different eSports odds work by genre

When you’re learning how to bet on esports, you need to understand how eSports odds work. Let’s analyze different games to find out how their odds work.


MOBA (Multiple Online Battle Arena) games have three significant odds displays. The odds can appear on betting sites in decimal, fractional or American formats. Ensure you understand the tournament and the participants before placing your bets.

The different formats used to display odds will influence how you bet. If you’re using the American version, you need to understand the difference between the two odds appearing with a positive and a negative sign. You can use the three formats to determine the probability of your team winning.

Battle Royale

When betting on Battle Royale, you should develop a strategy to help you win. You consider a team or player that has a track record of winning several games. The odds available will guide you to know which team or player has a higher percentage of winning. Here, you’ll find odds displayed in the three formats – decimal, fractional and American formats.

Battle Royale games are CoD: Warzone and PUBG.

If you’re in the UK betting on Battle Royale, your odds will appear in fractional formats. For instance, if you’re betting on a Call of Duty: Warzone game, the two teams playing will have odds displayed in fractional formats. Depending on your region, you may also get odds displayed in decimal or American format.


First-Person Shooter (FPS) games have odds displayed in the three formats. When betting on FPS games, consider looking for games with the best odds and a high winning percentage. You can bet on FPS games like Battlefield, Call of Duty: Warzone, Team Fortress 2, Valorant, among several others.

Sport Games

When betting on eSports sports games, the most popular game is the eSports FIFA game. The good thing is, if you’re a FIFA enthusiast, you’ll enjoy betting on eFIFA since the odd display is similar to that of real football. When betting, look for teams with competitive qualities.

You’ll find that odds will be displayed in the three formats depending on your region. If you want to know which team has a higher chance of winning, the odd display will guide you well. You can also do your math to know the amount you’ll win after betting for a given team.


Real-Time Strategy (RTS) comprises several games, including Age of Empires II or Starcraft II. Odds display depends on the games and the regions where bettors can access them.

Bettors can find odds displayed in decimal, fractional or American formats. One should take a keen interest in odds since they can know the teams or player with a high probability of winning. Odds will also help betters determine their payouts in case their favourite wins.

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