Top CS:GO Betting Sites 2024

In this CS: GO betting guide, bettors can find everything they need to know about betting on the first-person shooter video game. Whether it's the gameplay and rules or the betting markets and odds, this page tells it all. There's no doubt that eSports betting is taking over.

Fans of popular titles such as Valorant, FIFA21, Call of Duty, Madden, NBA2K, StarCraft, Dota 2, and the rest can now wager on the different eSports events at a competitive level. According to the latest statistics, eSports' total value of money and items wagered in 2020 totalled $12.9 billion.

Top CS:GO Betting Sites 2024
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Top CS: GO Betting Sites 2024: everything you need to know

While over a dozen video games feature on eSports betting sites, CS: GO is one of the most dominant forces. According to statistics from a publication by Narus Advisors LLC and Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, CS: GO betting comes second in terms of eSports betting volume, accounting for 29% of total eSports bets.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, commonly known as CS: GO, is an immersive multiplayer first-person shooter AAA title developed by and published by Valve and Hidden Path Entertainment. Released in 2012, it is the fourth instalment in the Counter-Strike series.

This game has several new extras that set it apart from its predecessor. The game comes with new maps, new characters, new game modes, a new weapon set, matchmaking features, and competitive skill groups.

CS: GO matches pit two sides, terrorists and counter-terrorists. The two sides engage in battles while changing sides. The object of the game depends on the mode. Some of the objectives include securing a location, defusing bombs, rescuing hostages, and capturing hostages.

Talking of game modes, CS: GO has 9; Competitive, Casual, Danger Zone, Wingman, Deathmatch, Weapons Course, Arms Race, Demolition, and Flying Scountsman. Demolition, a game mode that involves bomb defusal, is the most popular of the two classic modes.

Upon its release, CS: GO got a cordial welcome. Video game critics praised the development team for the game's fluid gameplay and the faithfulness to the series. The game's mechanics, graphics, and sound also improved dramatically, offering players realism and immersion at the battleground.

However, this video game also had a fair share of the haters. There were differences in features between the console and PC versions. This is something that didn't augur nicely with some fans.

Reasons why you should bet on CS: GO

Cs go esports bet is entirely legal, but players are always advised to bet on licensed and regulated sites. Betting on CS: GO is not in any way different from placing your bets on other FPS eSports, talk of Valorant, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Rainbow Six Siege.

How to sign up at online bookmakers

Players first need to find a site with CS: GO betting markets to bet on csgo. After finding that reliable bookmaker, the next thing to do is register an account.

Click on the SIGN-UP option, enter the required information, agree to the terms and conditions and finish the registration. New players will then be asked to confirm their email addresses before being allowed to start betting.

Real Money CS: GO betting

Now, players have to load their newly registered account to get into real money CS: GO betting. Esports bookies partner with all the household names in the online payments industry to facilitate easy, secure, fast, and affordable deposits and withdrawals.

Some of the available deposit and withdrawal options include Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Trustly, MuchBetter, Euteller, Paysafecard, Maestro, etc.

There are plenty of CS: GO promotions and bonuses that players can take advantage of for the record. New players can claim the welcome bonus while existing players can enjoy reload bonuses and cashback.

Why is CS: GO so popular?

this game is among the most popular games in the eSports scene and the eSports betting industry.

According to a publication on Statista, CS: GO attracted a whopping 942,520 concurrent players on Steam alone in September 2021. Interestingly, the figure had peaked five months earlier in March when the game grossed almost 1.2 million concurrent players on Steam.

Since it debuted, csgo draws over 11 million gamers every month and has remained one of Steam's most-played games overall.

So, what makes CS: GO popular in the eSports scene and the eSports betting industry?

1. Intuitive gameplay

Unlike many FPS games with complex storylines, the game has simple, straightforward, and intuitive gameplay revolving around the 'kill or get killed' basis. Every side has a chance to play as the terrorists or the counter-terrorism unit. When it comes to the storyline, it's based on issues affecting the entire globe today - terrorism.

2. Customisability

Another reason why CS: GO is still popular is because it allows players to reconfigure the game based on their needs and skill level. This helps new players who want to learn and perfect their skills in the game. What's more? The games also allow players to customize aspects such as FPS and the range for better gaming.

3. Free-To-Play model

There's no doubt that much of CS: GO's success is owed to the introduction of the free-to-play model in 2018, which left cosmetics as the only source of revenue. Now that players don't have to spend anything to play the game, it definitely attracts more fans.

4. Control over violent tendencies

At the peak of CS: GO, a common problem arose amongst the community. Some players were exhibiting violent behavior, which was a nuisance to others. This was among the reasons that spurred the decline of CS: GO, but fortunately, the company came up with measures to control violent players. This returned the once lost confidence in the FSP game.

5. Esports and video game betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a big name in the eSports industry. As mentioned earlier, it is second to League of Legends in the list of the most popular eSports by betting volume.

The game is the most popular shooter game among Western countries and one of the biggest disciplines. What's more? It has influencers - celebrities including Neymar play the game. The availability of csgo eSports betting market is also a catalyst.

6. Exciting ecosystem

The exciting CS: GO ecosystem is also a factor that has contributed to the game's popularity. One of the striking features of the game is the ability of players to sell skins.

Any seasoned CS: GO gamer knows that skins become monotonous. The good thing is that players can change skins, earn new skins, or buy new skins to get motivation when the current skin is boring. You can bet on CS: GO skins at skin betting sites.

The popularity of the game has been declining now that there are newer FPS games, and cheating discourages players. But still, it's a force to reckon with within the eSports betting industry.

The biggest CS: GO eSports tournaments and competitions

The reason for csgo's dominance in the eSports betting scene is the availability of adrenaline-filled tournaments throughout the year. These tournaments attract paychecks starting from $1,000 up to $30 million for the creme de la creme tournaments. In this segment, find out all the biggest CS: GO tournaments and competitions.

Major Championships

Sponsored by Valve, The Major, is the biggest and most prestigious CS: GO tournament globally. The tournament was first hosted in 2013 when it attracted a $250,000 prize pool, split amongst the 16 participating teams. Over the years, The Major has grown exponentially. The latest Major advertised a $2,000,000 total prize pool.

Natus Vincere is the reigning champion in Major 2021, held in Stockholm at the Avicii Arena. In the heated finals, Natus Vincere knocked out G2 Esports 2-0. The PGL Major Stockholm 2021 attracted a US$2,000,000 prize pool, double the amount that was floated in the previous year.

But Astralis remains the most successful team in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major Championships, having won four titles.

The BLAST Premier is also known for one of the best CS: GO events which is definitely worth betting on.

S-Tier Events

Formerly known as Premier CS: GO Tournaments, S-Tier events involve the best CS: GO pro gamers from Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia. S-Tier Events are characterized by high octane battles amongst the world's best teams.

And it's not just about the adrenaline; these events also attract fantastic goodies. For example, the ESL: One Rio 2020 and ESL: One Cologne 2020 has a pool prize of $ 2,000,000, while Flashpoint Season 1 & 2's prize money was $ 1,000,000 cash per season.

A-Tier Events

Under the S-Tier events is the CS: GO A-Tier events, a series of events held in North America, South America, China, the Middle East, and Europe. Together with the S-Tier Events, the A-Tier Events are crucial to determine who goes to The Major.

B Tier Events

The B-Tier Events involve LAN matches and online competitions. The events are held in Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia. They may not attract huge prize money, but they are part of the road to The Major.

C-Tier Events

These are much smaller tournaments that don't attract a large following but are still competitive enough. They are played online.

European Championship

As the name suggests, this is a tournament exclusive to CS: GO players from European countries. It brings together 16 of the best teams who share the staggering $30,000,000 prize pool. Teams that participate in the European Championship participate through a direct invitation.

IEM Series

The Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) are Intel-sponsored csgo tournaments run by ESL (Electronic Sports League). The qualifying events are held in different countries; the finals are held in Poland, where two teams battle for the IEM World Championship.

The above are some of the best CS: GO tournaments and competitions to follow and bet on. With eSports betting getting bigger, expect more tournaments and competitions.

CS: GO Tournament prize pools

When it comes to prize money, statistics from Statista show that the total prize money of global CS: GO tournaments dropped significantly in 2020 when the total prize money was $15.85 million. In 2018 though, a record was set - this game attracted a total tournament prize pool of $22.65 million.

For now, CS: GO's popularity is dwindling, so it's highly unlikely that the total prize pool will go up. But for the top competitions such as The Major, the prize pool will undoubtedly be increased.

Find the perfect CS: GO eSports betting sites

Today, hundreds of eSports betting apps and sites offer eSports betting markets, including CS: GO. While variety is a good thing, it puts players in a dilemma on which bookie website to join. So, how should bettors choose the best eSport betting site?

The first thing to ascertain is the credibility of the site and the operator behind it. Make sure it is licensed and regulated. Players can check what the online reviews say, and importantly, seek recommendations from eSports bookmakers and forums.

Next, check the game selection, the betting markets, and the cs:go betting odds. Make sure the bookmaker offers CS: GO bookie and covers all the professional cs go events globally. Also, be on the lookout for cool features such as live streaming and the high odds.

CSGO live betting is a great way to make esports betting more exciting. Csgo live gambling is a really popular form of video game bets.

Third, find an eSports betting site that has flexible banking options. A good shot here is a fast pay betting site that offers players fast deposits and instant withdrawals. Fast pay betting sites partner with all the household names in the online payments industry.

Lastly, find a good online bookie with bonuses. These are incentives that bookmaker use to attract new customers and retain the existing ones, for starters. The advantage of bonuses is that they increase bankrolls.

Best CS: GO teams to place your bet on

One of the reasons for the success in the eSports betting scene is the level of the teams that participate in CS: GO events. These teams are just as competitive as any other team, be it one of the best franchises in the NBA or the soccer heavyweights in Europe.

To remain competitive, CS: GO teams inject lots of money into talent acquisition and training. The players are signed and given contracts just like in soccer and other sports. They can also be kicked out if they don't live up to the team's expectations.

Now, when it comes to csgo esports bets, it's essential to know the top teams in the game, and importantly, their rosters. So, in this segment, find out all the best teams that bettors should follow during the major tournaments.


Danish eSports heavyweights Astralis is the most successful CS: GO eSports team. The team was founded by Frederik Byskov, Jakob L. Kristensen, and Nikolaj Nyholm. Today, Astralis boasts four Major titles. Their current CS: GO roster has an all-Danish team that includes the likes of Andreas Højsleth (Xyp9x), Lukas Rossander (gla1ve), Lucas Andersen (Bubzkji), and Kristian Wienecke (K0nfig).

Natus Vincere

Another CS: GO eSports team at the helm is the reigning PGL Stockholm 2021 winner, Natus Vincere. The Ukrainian outfit made headlines in Stockholm when they edged out G2 eSports to clinch The Major 2021. The current roster includes Oleksandr Kostyliev (s1mple), Denis Sharipov (electronic), Kirill Mikhailov (Boombl4), Ilya Zalutskiy (Perfecto), and Valerii Vakhovskyi (b1t).

G2 eSports

Popularly known as G2, this is another household name in the CS: GO eSports space. G2 has dominated several events, including DreamHack Open Tours 2017, ESL Pro League Season 5, eSports Championship Series Season 1, and DreamHack Masters Malmö 2017.

The current roster has Nikola Kovač (NiKo), Nemanja Isaković (nexa), Nemanja Kovač (huNter-), Kenny Schrub (KennyS), Audric Jug (JaCkz), and François Delaunay (AmaNEk).

Team Vitality

French eSports heavyweights Team Vitality are also favorites in the CS: GO space. Founded in 2013, the team has not been so dominant in the game, but it's a team to watch. The current roster includes Richard Papillon (shox), Jayson Nguyen Van (Kyojin), Mathieu Herbaut (ZywOo), Kévin Rabier (misutaaa), and Dan Madesclaire (apEX).

The above are some of the best CS: GO eSports teams. Other worthy mentions include Gambit eSports, FaZe Clan, Fnatic, and SK Gaming, among others.

CS: GO betting pros and cons

In this section, find out some of the reasons players should consider bet on csgo and some of the reasons why players should think twice.


  • Wide variety of events - Unlike other eSports, CS: GO has plenty of events to bet on all year round. There are major tournaments as well as intermediate tournaments, and they are all competitive.
  • Winning chance - Victory is for those who play. Bettors stand a chance to win real money when playing at real money CS: GO betting sites.
  • Plenty of esport bookmakers - Unlike in the past, there are many Counter Strike bet today. Besides the vast sites that have CS: GO markets, these sites float plenty of generous promotions in the form of bonuses.


  • No Hard Data - Except for the top competitions, there's hardly any data to assess before settling for a certain team in the lower CS: GO eSports tournaments.

Betting on esport is fun, but then, players need to abide by responsible gambling rules. They should set a budget for betting on this game and try to never fall into compulsive gambling - CS: GO betting is just as addictive as CS: GO itself.

CS: GO betting odds explained

Before diving into CS: GO bet, players should first understand the odds. For starters, odds are a representation of the probability of an event passing. The higher the odds, the lower the chances, and vice versa.

Now, CS: GO odds can be represented in any of the three odds formats; British odds, American odds, or European odds. Below are the highlights of each odds format.

British Odds

Also known as UK odds, or fractional odds, these are represented in fractions. In fractional odds, the number on the left is what players win for wagering the number on the right, plus the stake.

American Odds

American odds are represented in a negative number or positive. Odds with a + sign shows the profit for every $100 staked while a - sign indicates the amount that must be staked to make a $100 profit. For the record, the plus sign is for the underdog, while the minus sign is synonymous with the favorite team.

European Odds

Also known as decimal odds, European odds are represented in decimals. To calculate the winnings, multiply the decimal odds by the stake.

Some CS: GO bookmakers have just one of these odds formats, while others support the trio.

CS: GO Betting tips and tricks

In this last section of this CS: GO betting guide, experts have shared several vital tips and tricks to help bettors stand a better chance of winning in CS: GO betting.

First, players must be acquainted with the gameplay and rules of CS: GO eSports competitions. Importantly, they should master all the tournament formats, bracket structures, and csgo match betting types.

Second, always use the advice of eSports prediction sites. Like soccer and other traditional sports, eSports has pundits and expert analysts who come up with some reliable insights on the upcoming CS: GO eSports events.

Another csgo gambling tip is to scout for csgo game betting sites with bonuses. For players who want to increase their bankroll, promotions such as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and cashback come in handy.

Finding a strategy is also essential when betting on csgo. Like in all other forms of gambling, there are CS: GO strategies that can help bettors stand a better chance of placing winning bets.

Lastly, follow the odds. Many are times, players go for the high odds only to lose their money. Always trust the bookmakers - when the odds are low, the chances of winning are high, but when the odds are high, the chances are high that bet won't come through.

Wrapping up

That's the end of this csgo eSports betting guide. While CS: GO might be losing momentum, it's taking root in the eSports betting world, and considering players can csgo skins gambling, CS: GO bookmaker is here to stay.

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