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Breeding Astegon: Tips and Combinations for Rare Palworld Pals

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Astegon is one of the rarest late-game Pals in all of Palworld. Breeding an Astegon can be challenging, but with the right knowledge, you can have one in your own base much earlier than catching one in the wild.

Breeding Astegon: Tips and Combinations for Rare Palworld Pals

Understanding Palworld Breeding

Breeding in Palworld can be complicated. When both parents are the same species of Pal, you will get a third of that species. However, breeding Pals of two different species results in a random but fixed offspring.

Breeding an Astegon

To breed an Astegon, you don't need to have an Astegon in your Palbox. The key is to know the right combination. The best breeding combination for Astegon is Cryolinx and Helzephyr, which can be acquired fairly mid-game.

  • Helzephyr: This Dark element Pal can be found near the Cinnamoth Forest teleportation point. Bring Dragon type Pals and Mega and Giga spheres to catch it successfully.
  • Cryolinx: Look for Cryolinx in the Astral Mountains at levels 29-32. Be prepared with cold resistance armor and fire type Pals to catch it.

Here is an example breeding path:

| Parent one | Parent two | Offspring | | --- | --- | --- | | Cryolinx | Pyrin Noct | Helzephyr | | Helzephyr | Cryolinx | Astegon |

Other Breeding Combinations

While Astegon is a hard Pal to breed, there are other accessible breeding combinations that can give you an Astegon egg. Some of these combinations include:

  • Cryolinx and Lyleen
  • Helzephyr and Orserk
  • Astegon and Suzaku
  • Relaxaurus and Astegon
  • Pyrin Noct and Shadowbeak

Keep in mind that these combinations may require relatively rare Pals or even higher rarity Pals like Necromus.

Hatching the Astegon Egg

The egg that Astegon will hatch from is a Huge Dragon Egg, which takes a long time to incubate. If you don't want to wait, make sure you know how to speed up egg incubation.

Remember, with the right breeding combinations and patience, you can add an Astegon to your Palworld base and enjoy its rarity and power.

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