Top Tekken Betting Sites 2024

A fighting arcade video game distributed by Bandai Namco Entertainment, the Tekken video game is created by Bandai Namco Studios. The developers have also distributed print and film adaptations, which enjoy global popularity among fans. Gamers fight the opponent, using weapons and hand to hand combat in the form of throws, blocks, and escapes. A players may pick from a diverse cast, which are of differing ethnicities and incorporate varying fighting styles. Some characters are supernatural, including Angel, Devil, and Ogre.

Tekken is recognized as an industry leader in 3-D animation, as one of the industry’s first esports games to include the technology in videos. In 1994, Namco, a Japanese developer released the first rendition of the game. By 2017, the company had released eight spin-offs. Landmark releases include Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 games, which are acclaimed for the immersive player experience. The series of video games are a commercial success, and Tekken is considered an all-time, best-selling franchise. The company has shipped in excess of 53.5 million units. In fact, industry experts credit the company’s publications with improving video game standards.

Top Tekken Betting Sites 2024
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Betting on Tekken

Although Tekken is a popular game, the esports betting scene is not as robust as with other esports titles. For example, Tekken betting is not as popular as other well-known esports games like CSGO, Dota, and LOL. Consequently, not all bookmakers offer betting for Tekken matches. Still, even the best esport betting site offers odds and betting opportunities for major Tekken tournaments. Generally, Tekken bets are taken for matches between two fighters. Here are the common Tekken bets at esports betting sites:

  • Match winner: A player who wins a 1v1 match. It’s the easiest bet to make for Tekken. Players with lower odds are likely to prevail
  • Round Winner: Player who wins the round
  • Round Duration: Bettors wager on how long the round lasts
  • Tournament Winner: Place a wager on which team or player wins the entire tournament
  • Total Rounds: Bet on the number of rounds, including under or over a specific number.
  • Fighter Total: A bettor may wager on the total number of rounds a fighter wins
  • Handicap: With handicap betting, a gambler may remove points from a favored player and transfer the points to the underdog
  • Odd or Even: This bet is on the number of rounds in a match falling on an Even or Odd number
  • Others: Special Bets include which player will be the first to attack or which player initiates the match’s first combination.

Why is Tekken popular?

Tekken’s popularity is based on the fact that it is one of the first games to garner a worldwide, multi-million player following. By using new technologies, the game’s developers tapped into a market eager to participate in immersive games with the ability to control diverse characters.

Internet community

With a robust internet-based community, Tekken enjoys global popularity. Millions of players enjoy the game. As one of the most popular esports games in esports history, Tekken fans participate in online communities and social media apps to interact with like-minded players. Gamers from each skill level congregates to discuss gaming strategies. Community members plan local tournaments and meet for gaming sessions online. Some players talk smack and other support fellow players. The rise of online platforms, like social media giants Discord and Twitter, is competition for old-school gaming communities. One site, Tekken Zaibatsu, shut down in 2021, as players migrate to more popular social media sites to meet, plan, and trash talk.

Playing Tekken online

As video game playing evolves, the way that Tekken games are distributed changes with the market’s demand. Tekken’s video game competitions take the form of organized events. Played individually or with teams, the amateur gaming has given way to a professional level. The developer actively creates new games for the purpose of developing tournaments to create an online fan base.

Why is the game loved by players?

Players love Tekken for five main many reasons, including:

  1. Interesting characters and fighting styles attract players who want to experience diverse game experiences
  2. Animations and effects make the game exciting and interesting to watch.
  3. The ability to customize game play is attractive to players, especially since some customization options do not require extra payments.
  4. Ease of play makes the game attractive to newbies who may choose options for play and enjoy the game using the simple-to-understand technology.
  5. Modes offer intense game play and enough fighting variety to keep players returning for more.

How to play it?

Interested in playing Tekken? Simply download the game to a personal computer. Install the file. Players must have enough hard drive space and RAM. The game requires at least 6 GB to run, as well as RAM 2 GB.

Is there a Tekken tournament?

Tekken 6 Global Championship is the largest tournament for Tekken in the history of the game at that time. In 2010, Namco Bandai Games sponsored the tournament, including to categories for players: Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Organizers chose two winners from each category at the Tokyo finals. Officially called, Japan Round, Namco held the finals at Tokyo’s international forum.

In 2022, Namco and other tournament organizers are taking extensive health precautions to protect tournament players during the pandemic. Media gaming giant Twitch is partnering with Bandai Namco Entertainment America to host upcoming tournament events. In June, a championship fighting game tour is scheduled to kick off in Orlando, Florida. The total World Tour prize pool is $200,000.

Tekken Teams

From relatively new players to teams that have been competing professionally for a while, the Tekken competitive landscape is ripe for extreme competition. Here are a couple of teams to watch in the upcoming tournament seasons.

The Uncertified Geeks

The Uncertified Geeks (also known as TUG) features a group of self-proclaimed geeks based in South Africa. These intense gamers follow geeky culture and work to improve gaming performance to remain competitive. The team started when one friend noticed how well his peers played and suggested that the group join together to compete professionally. Born out of friendship and a love for gaming, the group trains hard to reach its fullest potential. TUG competes in Tekken 7, Smash Bros, and EA FIFA tournaments. As the team’s skills improve, it aims for international success at the highest level.

Vision Strikers

Vision Strikers is a Korean esports group, which is operations to fighting on game scene. After recruiting three of Tekken’s best gamers, the team expects to compete at the highest level. Vision Strikers aims to build a tip-tier esports organization in Asia, after acquiring the Rox Gaming team, legendary for success in Tekken tournaments. The acquisition is sure to make other Tekken competitors take notice of Vision Striker in upcoming tournaments.


UYU is an esports organization in North American, which is competitive in Call of Duty after signing Skyz, Proto, Mayhem, Nova, and Spoof. Competing in the CWL Pro League, different roster variations experienced success in esports competitions. A plan to franchise the organization was announced. The roster of players left for their own franchise rosters. By 2019, UYU announced a roster featuring Wrecks, Infamous, Zyrral, Tisch, and Pentagrxm. The esports team is one of Tekken tournaments’ top competition earners.

Team Liquid

Anyone associated with esports is familiar with Team Liquid, a multi-regional esports group, which is located in the Netherlands. In 2000, the founders launched Team Liquid after the release of StarCraft II. By 2012, the team acquired a North American team for Dota 2 game play. In 2015, a merger with Team Curse brought together a number of highly ranked players. The European Dota 2 team were victorious in International 2017, winning the biggest prize in esports tournament history to date. Team Liquid’s members have won LCS titles and the 2019 Intel Grand Slam tournament for exceptional CS:GO game play. Team Liquid is a top-tier Tekken prize pool earner.

Talon Esports

Located in Hong Kong, Talon Esports competes throughout Asia. The group’s Tekken team is listed as one of the top earners for the video game. Also famous for playing League of Legends well, the team is also called PSG Talon due to its PSG Esports partnership. Pacific Championship Series is a well-known league operating in Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Team Secret

Since 2014, Team Secret has excited fans with excellent Dota 2 game play. The esports team acquired a CS:GO female team in 2016. It also expanded its competitiveness in the Street Fighter game world and signed a top-tier Super Smash player. By 2018, Team Secret acquired key Team TyRanT members to gain a competitive edge in Age of Empires. In 2018, the team expanded again when it signed Rainbow Six Siege Team IDK. Team Secret ranks high in Tekken tournament earnings.

Pros and cons

Each Tekken character has a number of pros and cons, which players learn about during game play. For example, some characters are consistently locked out by other characters and inconsistent. Others are fast and fun to use. The game itself receives accolades and one main complaint.


  • 3-D Animation
  • Creative characters
  • Customization
  • Ease of play


  • Loading times

Understanding Tekken betting odds

In Tekken esports, the odds are representative of the likelihood that a team or individual player may win. It’s crucial for gamblers to bet at online sportsbooks with fair odds. There are three main types of betting odds, including American, Fractional, and Decimal.

Most sportsbooks offer decimal odds. With decimal odds, the lower the odd means the bettor is more likely to win. However, the payout is generally low. With higher odds, the bettor takes a high risk, but the payout is more for winners. Understanding how to calculate betting odds is essential, prior to placing a wager.

Tekken esports betting tips & tricks

Know the game

It’s important for gamblers to understand the Tekken game. In order to win an esports bet, the gambler should know the game’s rules. Watching online tutorials, reading guides, and staying up to date on industry news will improve the odds of winning a wager.


Every bet is a risk. Therefore, a bettor must identify his budget for wagering. Sticking to a budget helps to maintain safe betting habits for beginners and seasoned professionals. Setting a budget is essential and smart gambling behavior. Planning how much and when to bet helps a gambler to make informed and winning decisions.

Choose a good bookmaker

Reputable sportsbooks are more likely to offer favorable odds and reliable payouts. Research to ensure the bookmaker is properly licensed and trustworthy. Whether wagering via a website or esports betting app, reading the terms ensures that the bettor understands what to expect when depositing funds and placing a bet. Looking at online reviews may give a gambler an idea of how other consumers have fared when gambling at specific establishments.


As with all gambling, it is important to self-monitor for at-risk esports gambling behaviors to avoid addiction while gambling on esports betting sites. Addictive behavior includes the inability to stop placing bets, betting money a gambler cannot afford to lose, and experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression. If experiencing any of these symptoms, a person may choose to self-exclude. Licensed venues usually allow a player to take a break by choosing to put an account on hold for specific period of time. Local, national, and international agencies, such as Gamblers Anonymous, provide counseling and other services to help those with addiction problems.

Tekken by Namco is one of the oldest and best-known video games on the market. As one of the first to include advance animation and graphics, the game continues to provide an immersive gaming experience for players. Featuring a number of creative characters, the game enthralls players with the ability to customize characters and choose various modes to play.

As an essential member of the esports landscape, Tekken tournaments continue to fuel gamer participation and fan enthusiasm with each new rendition of the game. In the new sportsbook landscape, major Tekken tournaments are drawing wagers against who will win major tournaments. Players on major e-sports teams are reaching near celebrity status, as teams win large prize pools and gain popularity.

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