Your Best Age of Empires Betting Guide 2024

Age of Empires is an award-winning series of real-time strategy (RTS) video games released over a span of over two decades. This exceptional historical RTS has won the hearts of millions of gaming enthusiasts, including those into esports betting. The list of Age of Empires lovers is long, and it continues to grow. This could be explained by its superb features, including fascinating historical themes, lots of civilizations, genuine gameplay, and epic graphics.

Interestingly, the series' artificial intelligence (AI) players' capabilities are somewhat limited, so they don't have the edge over human players. This delivers fair play, which most of the latter like.

Your Best Age of Empires Betting Guide 2024
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All about the Age of Empires series through the years

All about the Age of Empires series through the years

As of writing (January 2022), Age of Empires comes with nine games. Check out its main PC-exclusive titles:

Age of Empires (1997)

This was the first Age of Empires game that Ensemble Studios released in 1997. Xbox Game Studios published this title, which leverages the Genie game engine. There weren't many RTS games available back then, and this was the first one with a historical theme.

GameSpot, popularly known for its comprehensive game reviews, defined Age of Empires as a combination of Blizzard Entertainment's Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Sid Meier's Civilization. But this American video game website also described its design as somewhat confused. Despite this and other negative reviews from critics, this game was well-received, selling more than three million units in three years.

Microsoft published Age of Empires' expansion pack Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome in 1998.

Age of Empires II (1999)

Like the first Age of Empires title, Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings leverages the Genie game engine. These titles' gameplays are also similar. But, unlike its predecessor that offers twelve civilizations for gamers to choose from, Age of Kings avails thirteen of them from the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

2000 saw the release of the Age of Kings' expansion, The Conquerors. Most gamers were impressed that it came with additional new features, including five more civilizations.

Age of Empires III (2005)

This is the third main installment of the AoE series. Age of Empires III boasts a plethora of new features, such as home cities, to provide players with resources and upgrades. The WarChiefs, this game's first expansion, was introduced to the gaming world in 2006. In 2007, Microsoft Game Studios released its second expansion, The Asian Dynasties.

Age of Empires IV (2021)

Relic Entertainment collaborated with World's Edge to develop Age of Empires IV, initially released in late October 2021. It shares several features with Age of Empires II. MobileSyrup, a Canadian bookie reviewing various tech products, even described this title as the latter, but with a new coat of paint.

It's also noteworthy that Age of Empires also has these spin-off games:

  • Age of Mythology (2002)
  • Age of Mythology: The Titans (2003)
  • Age of Empires: The Age of Kings (2006)
  • Age of Empires: Mythologies (2008)
  • Age of Empires Online (2011)
All about the Age of Empires series through the years
Age of Empires Betting 2024: everything you need to know

Age of Empires Betting 2024: everything you need to know

Most video games enthusiasts like to indulge in Age of Empires betting. These include businesses looking to maximize their profits. However, it's not all about material gain. A large portion of the parties participating in this activity is mesmerized by the excitement it offers.

Besides, Age of Empires esport betting is conveniently simple. To begin with, punters are required to identify a bookie with the unique combination of features they're searching for. Then, they have to fund their gambling accounts to bet on their preferred AoE team or players. It's that easy!

As tons of experienced punters have already noticed, betting on Age of Empires is similar to wagering on many other sporting events. Gamblers are presented with many matches to choose from. What's even more appealing is there's a large pool of eSport betting sites available, all providing different markets for them.

It's essential to learn the basic terms used in AoE betting to avoid reckless miscalculations. For example, placing the moneyline bet requires gamblers to predict the team likely to win a particular event. If one doesn't comprehend this in the first place, it might be tricky to punt on this legendary esport.

Age of Empires Betting 2024: everything you need to know
How to play Age of Empires

How to play Age of Empires

Some players prefer Age of Empires to other video games because it's effortless to meet its system requirements and relish various titles. These include a 64-bit processor, 8 GB RAM (memory), and NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 420 (graphics). Note that these are not fixed; plus, they may vary from one Age of Empires installment to another.

Biggest Age of Empires players and teams to bet on

Prominent Age of Empires players have also contributed to the popularity of this video game series. More often than not, younger players look up to them. They play this game often to improve their skills and hopefully be as good as the gamers they admire.

Most of today's AoE skilled players have fans who follow each match they play. In addition, they back these gamers' teams and encourage their friends to jump on the bandwagon. This has massively increased the acceptance of this RTS on a global scale.

How to play Age of Empires
Is there any Age of Empires championships?

Is there any Age of Empires championships?

Yes. There are various Age of Empires global tournaments where players and teams contend against each other to win a particular amount. In most cases, the prize pool is shared among the participating teams but in a pre-determined ratio. Since this video game series has various titles, other tournament features vary.

For instance, the 2v2 World Cup 2020 tournament was held for Age of Empires II teams. It came with a 2 versus 2, GSL system & single-elimination format, and a $28,570 prize pool. The Age of Empires teams that finished first (China A) and second (Norway A) received $7,200 and $5,100, respectively.

There was a Global Championship for Age of Empires III players in 2021. Unlike the 2v2 World Cup 2020, this tournament featured a $5,000 prize pool. The winner, Haitch, walked home with $1,500, while the second runner-up, Mitoe, received $1,000.

Notably, various jurisdictions participate in Age of Empires world championships. These include the United Kingdom, Canada, Finland, Austria, the United States, Turkey, France, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, and Poland. As expected, players and teams competing in these tournaments invest a lot of time in prepping for them to beat their opponents and make their countries proud.

There are also AoE tournaments for Age of Empires IV which are definitely worth to bet on:

Is there any Age of Empires championships?
Find the best Age of Empires esports bookmakers

Find the best Age of Empires esports bookmakers

Punters can bet on AoE at the countless online esports betting websites available. But it's always a fantastic idea to first review the features of a bookie before choosing it. Check out some of the questions everyone should answer before registering with a platform to wager on this video game series:

  • Does it offer favorable Age of Empires odds?
  • What are the available payment methods for deposits and withdrawals? Are they secure and speedy?
  • Do the provided deposit and withdrawal options accept the punter's local currency?
  • Is it possible to bet on Age of Empires on mobile?
  • Can punters access the egaming betting app in multiple languages?
  • Is the bookmaker's customer support dependable and availed in convenient methods?
  • Which authority has licensed the bookie to operate in the gambler's jurisdiction?
  • Has the bookie taken any specific measures to make users' accounts impossible to hack into?

Getting good-enough answers to these queries is critical because it determines whether a punter has fantastic Age of Empires betting experiences or awful ones. As they browse the internet searching for the best Age of Empires providers, here are some top-tier options they can give some thought to:

  • 22Bet
  • Casumo
  • 1xBet
  • TonyBet
  • Betsson
  • Betwinner
  • 10Bet
Find the best Age of Empires esports bookmakers
Follow the best Age of Empires teams to bet accurately

Follow the best Age of Empires teams to bet accurately

If a punter wants to bet on Age of Empires, they should find out this video game's best teams and their recent performances. This could help them in their betting journey by making predicting favorites and underdogs easier.

Here are some notable Age of Empires teams worth following:


This team is known for competing in Age of Empires II tournaments, its first one being Into the Darkness (2016), which it won. Back then, Aftermath comprised MbL, Liereyy, and Hearttt, but Hera and Nicov are also part of this squad now.

Team GamerLegion

This German esports organization was established in 2017. Though most people know it for fielding rosters in League of Legends, it also has a great AoE team.

Vietnam Legends (VNA)

Initially founded by All, KoolPixel, and Binh, Vietnam Legends has been participating in Age of Empires tournaments for almost two decades. As of January 2022, this team's active squad comprised ACCM, SongSong, CooL, saymyname, and BadBoy.


This team was founded by Finnish Age of Empires II players who desired to compete in this title's tournaments together. Its active players are Jupe, TheMax, Villese, Rubenstock and Zuppi.

More teams known for playing Age of Empires are Team Secret, Infinity Legends, SalzZ, Tempo Storm, Rulers of Rome, Clown Legion, Dark Empire, and Heresy.

Follow the best Age of Empires teams to bet accurately
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Most punters contemplating beginning their Age of Empires betting or playing journey want to know what's in it for them. Well, these are the pros and cons to expect.


  • Availability: Most Age of Empires titles are pretty easy to access, thanks to their availability on Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox Game Pass. In addition, a majority of the installments are free to play on iOS, Windows, and Android devices.
  • Playability: Any interested gamer can play the game. Going through a few articles about it is enough to enlighten them about its gameplay and themes to know precisely what to expect. However, consistent practice is mandatory for those hoping to improve their skills.
  • Educative: Intriguingly, Age of Empires provides more than just entertainment. It also equips gamers with handy skills such as harnessing different resources, thriving in a highly competitive environment, and innovation.
  • Quality: This esport game is an excellent choice for those looking for the best esport games on the market right now. Its visuals and graphics have tremendously improved over the years. There's also been a notable enhancement in its other features, such as civilizations, AI, and soundtracks.


  • While this game series is pretty easy to play, it's a bit tricky to master, especially for amateur gamers.
Pros and Cons
Understanding Age of Empires odds

Understanding Age of Empires odds

In eSport games such as Age of Empires, odds represent the likelihood of a particular result. This could be like a specific team winning a tournament or a player beating another.

They help bettors calculate their possible returns after wagering on various Age of Empires matches. Typically, they differ from one bookie to another, and they can come in various formats. Punters should understand them to distinguish favorites from underdogs and place the most reasonable bets.

Below are the most popular types of AoE odds bookmakers provide:

  • Fractional odds: These odds are popular among UK esports bookmakers. Most bettors like them because they're pretty straightforward. For instance, if a particular Age of Empires team has odds of 2/5, punters get $2 for every $5 they stake and win.
  • Decimal odds: Most bettors also have an easy time calculating their potential winnings using decimal odds. They only need to multiply their stakes by them.
  • American odds: American odds are mainly offered by esports betting websites in the US or Canada. They can either be positive number odds or negative number odds. The former shows the possible payout when a punter stakes $100, while the latter indicates how much one needs to bet to stand a chance of winning $100.
Understanding Age of Empires odds
Betting tips & tricks

Betting tips & tricks

Age of Empires bettors can leverage a few practical strategies to enjoy wagering on this eSport. One may begin by selecting only the best video game betting site accepting gamblers from their country. Ideally, the bookie they pick should also come with a mobile-friendly site, diverse payment options, forthcoming customer service agents, and convenient betting odds.

Another handy Age of Empires betting tip is researching this game before placing bets. Punters should check out upcoming tournaments and the teams/players participating to identify the best betting opportunities.

Amateurs shouldn't think twice about consulting professional AoE bettors; they might learn a thing or two about how to win.

Betting tips & tricks
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